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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is the answer to your question. If your question is not completely answered, please submit a Customer Support Request (CSR) and a representative will assist you.
What is a registration code? What is an activation code? Click here to return to the FAQ page!
Please refer to our online help for more information about how to register and activate your copy of SUPERAntiSpyware Professional:

Online Help: Registering/Activating SUPERAntiSpyware Professional

You will receive a registration code when you purchase a license for SUPERAntiSpyware Professional. This registration code is sent to you in your e-mail invoice, and it is also displayed to you during checkout when your order is complete.

Note that you do not need a registration code to use SUPERAntiSpyware FREE Edition, nor do you need a registration code to evaluate the Professional Trial.

You will only need to register and activate your software if you have purchased a license for it.

SUPERAntiSpyware.com has a two-step registration and activation process. This process is similar in concept to license management used by other modern software manufacturers including Microsoft. After entering your registration code in the Registration/Activation wizard, you will be prompted to activate it. The activation process contacts our license management servers and generates a unique activation code. This activation code is based on the PC you are installing the software on as well as your purchased registration code.

A registration code consists of ten digits with dashes, and looks just like a US telephone number:

123-123-1234 is a sample registration code

You will not need to enter an activation code if you choose the (recommended) Automatic Activation method. The activation code is sent back to the SUPERAntiSpyware program automatically and your product will be fully registered and activated when the wizard completes.

If you cannot or do not want to activate automatically, you can activate manually as described in the online help article above.

You can obtain your activation code on the Product Activation screen of the wizard by clicking the link that says, "If you are unable, or do not wish to activate over the Internet click here". Clicking the link will launch a web page that will display your activation code.

An activation code consists of sixteen hexadecimal digits (numbers and letters) with dashes:

ABCD-1234-AB34-12CD is a sample activation code

Once you receive your activation code, you can type it in the activation code boxes and complete the wizard.

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